Cintiq 13HD

If you’re looking for Cintiq with a slim, compact design, combined with a high-resolution HD display, the new Cintiq 13HD is an ideal choice.

Welcome to the Cintiq 13HD

Thank you for your recent purchase of Cintiq 13HD interactive pen display and welcome to the Wacom family. To get you up and running, we offer you free valuable software, as well as installation videos, webinars, blogs and software tutorials. Wacom also has a wide range of product accessories as well as an ownership Privileges program that gives you discounts on additional software applications. And if you need more help, you can call one of our customer care representatives who are happy to assist you.

Read on to find out all the ways that Wacom can help you get the most out of your Wacom product.

Download Your Driver

Installing the software driver is necessary for your Wacom product to work properly. If you have not done so already, please download and install the correct software driver. Be sure to come back to this page for additional help in getting started with your product.

Free Bundled Software

To get you started, Wacom provides you with free creative software. Register and download the free software here that comes with your product.

Autodesk® SketchBook® Express

Professional-grade, easy-to-use software for pen-based interaction with an artist-friendly user interface.

Corel® Painter™ X3 (90 day trial)

Try the full version of Corel® Painter™ X3 for a free 90-day trial. If you like it, use the offer in the Privileges program from Corel for a permanent license.

Smith Micro® Anime Studio®

The fun and quick way to create 2D movies, cartoons, anime and cut-out animations for first-time animators, hobbyists and digital artists.

Setting Up Your Cintiq 13HD

These demonstration videos guide you through the installation and configuration of your Wacom product.

Why Use Dual Displays

Find out how two displays can be more beneficial than one.

Mirroring and Cloning

Learn how to “mirror” or “clone” your second display with your primary display to gain more workspace.

Configuring Dual Displays On A Mac

Learn how to set up the Cintiq as a second display with your primary Apple/Mac monitor.

Configuring Dual Displays On A PC

Learn how to set up the Cintiq as a second display with your primary PC monitor.

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Help Guides

Wacom Gesture Guide

Cintiq 13HD User Manual


Accessorize Your Product

Privileges Program

Wacom Privileges Program

Take advantage of the Wacom Privileges Program. Receive deep discounts on industry leading software that help you achieve your creative goals. Learn more about the program.

Software Tutorials

Tutorials on popular software applications will help you get the most from your new tablet and your software. Check out these popular ones highlighting various techniques in Adobe® Photoshop®.

Corey Barker

Pressure Sensitivity in Photoshop: Corey Barker

Learn about "pressure sensitivity" and explore some great Photoshop CS6 tools that use it. These features are built into Photoshop and accessed with a Wacom product, like an Intuos pen tablet or Cintiq display.
Corey Barker

Selective Use of Pressure Sensitivity: Corey Barker

Learn about the advantages of using pressure-sensitivity in targeted areas of your image in Photoshop CS6. Adjusting pressure sensitivity on-the-fly allows you to make changes selectively to your image when using a Wacom product, like an Intuos pen tablet or Cintiq display.
Corey Barker

Photoshop Selections: Corey Barker

Learn how to make different selections in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom tablet, like an Intuos pen tablet or Cintiq display.. Using your pen and corresponding brush tools, you can visually paint your selections on your image using the color overlay called Quick Mask (Q on keyboard).
Corey Barker

Clone Stamp & Pressure Sensitivity: Corey Barker

Learn how to utilize the clone stamp as a pressure sensitive tool in Photoshop CS6. By using a pressure-sensitive brush, you're able to better control your edits by making the transition to the new image more gradual and natural. These tips are handy when combined with a Wacom product, like an Intuos pen tablet or Cintiq display.
Corey Barker

Retouching Portraits: Corey Barker

Learn about a handful of Photoshop tips for portrait photographers with a pressure-sensitive Wacom product such as an Intuos pen tablet or Cintiq display. Corey Barker explores blemish removal and defusing shine on skin with a pressure-sensitive pen.
Corey Barker

Compositing Images in Photoshop: Corey Barker

Learn about compositing. Using Wacom's pressure-sensitive pen, Corey Barker shows us how to bring together two images using a layer mask and painting in an image.
Corey Barker

Using a Wacom for Video: Corey Barker

Learn some tricks on the tablet that will turn your tablet or display into an editing deck for videos. These tips are handy when combined with a Wacom product, like an Intuos pen tablet or Cintiq display.

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