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Wacom is pleased to introduce our Privileges Program, created to thank our customers. The Privileges Program provides you with discounts on industry leading software. Now more than ever, the Privileges Program can help you achieve your creative goals at an affordable price through our exclusive offers.

Painter X3

Corel® Painter® X3/Corel Painter X3 Upgrade

Get inspired with Corel® Painter® X3. The latest in digital art software includes hundreds of brushes, paper textures and media that perfectly emulate real-world art materials.

Save $100US for either package

Get Corel Painter X3 Upgrade for just $179 (US) and Corel Painter X3 for just $329

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“As a kid my favorite activity every week was to record the audio from all my favorite Saturday morning cartoons on my Fischer Price cassette player and then go into my room and try and re-draw everything as I remembered it by just listening to the sounds.” Meet the colorist for the cover of #WaComics Anthology, “Pressure/Sensitivity.” 12 things about Ryan Hill.

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