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Patient Admissions Software


Enterprise content management form Hyland provides a method to provide healthcare workers with a way to capture, store, and protect clinical and financial information previously outside of departmental processes and supporting applications. Information that passes from department to department, and individual to individual, is handled methodically complying with HIPAA, Meaninful Use, and other regulations and guidelines.  This risk of losing such data is mitigated.

Patient registration information is captured directly electronically with Wacom pen displays obviating the time-consuming steps like scanning and shredding inherent in paper registration capture.


Medinformatix EMR streamlines and digitizes all aspects of the documentation of patient care. The Practice Management  module integrates with EMR seamlessly and electronically facilitates the use of that data with the requirements of billing, collections, claims, scheduling, reports, lab results, imaging, referrals and other clinical and practice procedures. The high level of connectivity allows access across locations and staff functions, improves the speed and quality of patient care and insures greater levels of accuracy.

Medinformatix integrates support for Wacom signature tablets and Wacom pen displays to capture patient signature and other pen-captured data for records.


Access Enterprise Forms Management (EFM) enables facilities to transform traditionally convoluted, paper form-centric processes into efficient, paperless or paper-light workflows. Instead of wasting time and resources on pre-printed forms, hospitals using our solutions print only what they need, and can complete many forms online without generating paper.

More than just forms and workflow automation tools, Access solutions also convert feeds from clinical devices and other non-traditional data sources into standardized, usable information that is interfaced into core systems via native integration. Access solutions can also update systems with forms data, archive forms in the document imaging or enterprise content/document management (ECM/EDM) system and auto-index upon scanning by barcoding forms.

The goal is to schedule and admit patients as efficiently as possible so they can get the care they need, and to provide exemplary service. Unfortunately, processing paper forms often gets in the way.

Misplaced or incomplete forms can delay scheduling and admission. Even if forms are where they are supposed to be, manual tasks such as retrieval from a storage area, photocopying, filing and manual indexing divert staff away from meeting patients’ needs. Personnel in other departments wait for documents to arrive, and maintaining hard copies increases overhead.

Access Intelligent Forms Suite (IFS) is helping hundreds of hospitals overcome these challenges. By replacing paper-based scheduling and admissions processes with Access solutions, your patient access department can:

  • Create a paperless scheduling and admissions process that ensures patients get the treatment they need faster than ever before
  • Print barcoded forms that enable auto-indexing in the document management system
  • Eliminate the financial, environmental and productivity costs of processing paperwork
  • Output barcoded wristbands that facilitate positive patient ID throughout the visit and support BMV
  • Interface forms directly into electronic medical records via the document management system
  • Eliminate document loss and improve sharing of current and accurate information with HIM, patient finance and clinical floors

One way to speed paperless workflow is with electronic signature. Registrars send e-forms with patient demographics pre-populated to a tablet PC, LCD pad or e-clipboard. The patient applies a single e-signature with a signature tablet and the forms are interfaced directly into the electronic health record (EHR) via native integration with the document imaging or enterprise.


Mi-Co’s Mi-Forms offers a complete suite of cross-platform software solutions for making data capture truly easy and accurate. It provides an intuitive user experience of easy electronic forms (eForms) design, quick on-site data collection, centralized form and workflow management, and extensive backend system integration. Hosted, on-premise term, and on-premise perpetual licensing options are available.

Electronic forms can be easily built either entirely by the Mi-Forms Designer, or from existing form definitions like Teleform Designer files & forms built in back-end systems. Pre-designed forms in PDF or MS Word can also be imported using a third party import tool. Then forms can be directly uploaded to the Mi-Forms Server and deployed to various types of PCs and Tablets with the Mi-Forms Client installed, or using Mi-Forms Server for iPads, Android Slates & more. You will find it very convenient to fill out the forms using Mi-Forms.



Benchmark Systems Advanced Scheduling makes it easy to allocate critical resources to greatly increase the overall productivity of a practice. You select the views and scheduling options that work best for you. Moreover, you can extend this flexibility to your patients, giving them the option to book appointments online and receive automated appointment reminders via phone or email.

Advanced Scheduling also helps you make the most of your critical assets. Manage unlimited schedules and multiple resources in seconds. Choose from multiple views, including day, week, month, doctor, specialty, locations and more. Assign procedure time lengths. Block or hold times for exam rooms and clinical assets for any reason. You can even grant permission to double or even triple-book appointments if necessary.

Advanced Scheduling lets you view patient accounts receivable balances and display visit co-pays to give you more fiscal control as well. Automatic electronic insurance eligibility checking and one-off checking



EMR Software

Raintree Systems provides complete practice management and electronic medical record software to a broad range of healthcare specialties and industry segments. Raintree software solutions include features in high demand today such as dashboards, credit and debit card processing,< collection tools, document routing, faxing, secure encrypted emailing, secure remote access, shadowing or monitoring, secure messaging, secure online patient portals, electronic eligibility verification, automated report generation and encrypted email distribution, electronic prescriptions, electronic lab results and many others.  Electronic signatures captured with Wacom signature tablets are used to verify processes for improve workflow. offers a unique web-based solution that allows health care organizations to manage, deploy and share evidence-based order sets. It is the only collaborative solution in the world that enables hospitals to share customized order sets, allowing you to build on previous successes and implement an order set solution at a fraction of the cost.

For orders requiring signature, Patientordersets can be signed electronically with verifiable signature using Wacom signature tablets.


ChartLogic EMR was one of the very first EMR’s created in the industry. The primary goal of ChartLogic  is to capture the clinical encounter, electronically, without making the doctor change their workflow.   Practices spend a lot of time and money managing paper charts. From the productivity loss of tracking down lost or misplaced charts; to the storage space; to the costs of printers, toner, copiers and paper itself; paper is expensive. By using electronic medical office software with Wacom pen displays and simply eliminating the cost of managing paper charts, most medical practices will realize a full return on their initial investment within 2-3 years of adopting any EHR system.


NexTech Systems develops fully integrated medical practice management, marketing and electronic medical records software for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical spas, refractive surgeons, gastroenterologists, urologists and bariatric surgeons. NexTech Software was originally designed as Plastic Surgery Software, and over the years has adapted to additional medical practices. It is recognized around the world as we have more than 7000 providers worldwide including the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Central and South America.

NexTech Practice is designed for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Cosmetic Practices, Dermatology, Medical Spas, Refractive, Gastroenterology, Urology and Bariatric Surgery . NexTech Software is modular, and fully integrated, and NexTech Practice meets the needs of offices of all sizes, from the newest startup to the largest established practice. NexTech Software offers website integration, mass e-mailing and e-billing. It links to photo imaging, CareCredit, Smart Phones, tablet PC’s and barcode scanners.


eClinicalWorks provides more than just a way for practices to go paperless. This comprehensive solution is the next-generation for healthcare IT, allowing practices to improve efficiency and enhance patient care. Using industry leading technology, such as Wacom pen displays for input, eClinicalWorks helps practices achieve their goal of delivering the best patient care possible.

eClinicalWorks is a fully unified solution for practices and enterprise groups of all sizes and most specialties, linking all features via a single database. All products were developed by one company and will function as one powerful system. eClinicalWorks strives to take advantage of the various quality initiatives available including Meaningful Use , Patient-Centered Medical Homes, and Accountable Care Organization (ACO).


McKesson's Paragon® hospital information system delivers, with a single database and common functionality that support integrated ancillary products that allow you to build a system to meet a hopital’s budgetary requirements. The Paragon HIS is a completely integrated system of clinical, financial, physician and ancillary applications, addressing the requirements for achieving meaningful use requirements of a certified Electronic Health Record (EHR), patient safety, revenue cycle management and more. A single-vendor approach eliminates the inefficiencies and "complexities" frequently found with multi-vendor solutions. Since Wacom's pen displays integrate seemlessly with any software application, the combination of Paragon and Wacom is truly "plug-and-play".

The Paragon HIS solution offers a broad suite of multidisciplinary clinical applications together with anytime, anywhere access via the Web, providing all caregivers access to the complete patient record.

As part of Paragon, McKesson’s Horizon Patient Folder leverages document management software that gives physicians, HIM personnel and other hospital staff anytime, anywhere access to review, analyze, code and complete electronic charts in their electronic medical records system. It allows HIM departments to become "virtual," giving staff the ability to work remotely while letting authorized hospital personnel view patient records electronically. In addition, it provides physicians with secure online access from their home, office or at the hospital, further streamlining clinical and HIM workflow.

Benefits include a complete transformation of your department due to tremendous workflow automation benefits, and improved physician productivity, resulting in more time for patient care, as well as increased satisfaction and adoption of the information system.



Medical Imaging Software

Philips Pinnacle3  IMRT is fully integrated with Pinnacle³ conformal 3D planning and AcQSim³ CT Simulation, allowing IMRT planning to take full advantage of our versatile tool set. With P³IMRT you can: Accurately localize the target using CT, MR, SPECT, CPET or MCD PET images with Pinnacle³’s image fusion feature, Quickly outline target volumes and critical structures with accuracy using advanced contouring tools using the pen directly on the Wacom screen, Define treatment goals, start inverse planning optimization and see optimized dose distribution and Dose Volume Histogram in minutes, Compute IMRT plans with 3D Convolution Superposition dose accuracy, Validate Plans using specially designed quality assurance tools.


Efficient and versatile, ProArc supports multiple vendor hardware and their rotational IMRT techniques. Whether your clinic uses Siemens, Varian, or Elekta linear accelerators, Prowess provides the perfect treatment planning system to help deliver the best of care. Precise cursor control within ProArc is enhanced when using a Wacom interactive pen display.


With the rich functionality in Eclipse, dosimetrists, physicists, and physicians can efficiently create, select, and verify the best treatment plans for their patients. In addition to ensuring high standards of care and effective protocols, Eclipse provides clinicians with the flexibility to quickly tailor plans for each patient. Using the Wacom pen directly on the screen saves time when contouring and navigating through the application.


MBF Bioscience, Inc. provides advanced solutions for microscopic analysis, including; neuron tracing, unbiased stereology, brain mapping, 3D serial section reconstruction, morphometry, image analysis, confocal analysis and virtual slides. The Wacom interactive pen display combined with Neurolucida™ and Stereo Investigator software, allows for live images to be projected into a tracing environment, and by using the Wacom pen directly on the screen, the user counts cells, traces solid objects and reconstructs neuronal processes with unmatched speed, ease and accuracy. The resulting tracings of 3-dimensional solids and neurons are then reconstructed for extensive morphometric analysis, and numerical stereological estimates are provided.


BioView Ltd.'s mission is to become the leader in the laboratory equipment market for cancer screening and monitoring by automating microscopy testing, increasing laboratory productivity, reducing the rate of false-positive results, and enabling physicians and researchers to make more accurate and earlier patient assessments.  The Wacom pen provides a natural way to contour structures and define regions of interest resulting in less fatigue and greater accuracy.