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Small Business

Save time and costs while increasing customer satisfaction by adding a Wacom eSignature solution that is both easy to install and affordable.


Benefits of an Electronic Signature System

  • Streamline business processes by reducing paper that requires handwritten signatures
  • Save time and costs associated with creating, duplicating, filing, storing, scanning, faxing, and transporting paper documents such as agreements, contracts, invoices, and purchase orders
  • Increase business owners focus on their area of expertise by reducing administrative overhead of paper processes
  • Improve customer satisfaction by responding quicker to bids and processing invoices electronically
  • Reinforce your brand reputation as a professional company that rivals larger and more sophisticated competitors


Use Cases

eSignature A general contractor meets the customer onsite to review the home improvement project.  After discussing the scope of the project, requirements, and capturing digital photos of the jobsite, the contractor presents the homeowner with an itemized quote that both parties sign electronically using a Wacom signature tablet connected to the contractor’s laptop computer.  During the course of the project, any change requests are documented, updated quotes are generated, and electronic signatures are captured to document the date, time, intent and approval of the change request.  At the end of the project, the contractor meets the homeowner for the final walkthrough, and upon approval, the project is signed off as complete and the final invoice is delivered electronically.  Both parties enjoy the benefits of clear expectations and a documented audit trail to protect each from potential disputes in the future thanks to simple digital documents and electronic signatures.

Recommended Wacom products

Sign & Save Sign & Save
A simple, easy-to-use, complete signature solution for small business from Wacom including an STU-500 LCD signature tablet and Wacom sign | pro PDF software that converts any file to a PDF where you can sign it, save it, and email it quickly and easily. Once a document is signed, further changes make the signature invalid, so tampering is obvious.


Save | mobileSign & Save | mobile
Ideal for service oriented businesses that often visit client locations or jobsites.  It is also a complete signature solution that includes Wacom’s STU-300 LCD signature tablet that is small for travelling with your laptop as well as Wacom sign | pro PDF software to add electronic signatures to any document. Once a document is signed, further changes make the signature invalid, so tampering is evident.

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