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Software Developer Kits available to integrate support for Wacom STU signature tablets into your application.

Wacom SDKs for Signature Tablets - Three levels of Software Developer Kits are available to meet your needs.


Low Level SDK

The Low Level SDK is the most basic and is designed to integrate Wacom signature tablets into Windows applications. It requires the most amount of development effort to implement, but also allows the greatest amount of freedom for developers to customize their application. The Low Level SDK collects raw pen data and allows images to be loaded to the screen. The Low Level SDK does not require a license fee.

Signature SDK - Signature Component

The Signature SDK – Signature Component makes integrating signature capture very easy with minimal amount of development work. It handles the collection, storage and display of forensic handwritten signatures and includes data-hashing functions for binding to documents. The Signature Component can be used with all Wacom tablets and signature tablets. A license fee is required for deploying this SDK.

Signature SDK - Wizard Component

The Signature SDK – Wizard Component builds upon the Signature Component to manage the interaction with the Wacom signature tablets. It provides the ability to easily implement soft controls, including push buttons, check boxes, number pads. A license fee is required for deploying this SDK.


How To Get the SDKs?

Access to Wacom’s SDKs is a short, simple process.  Just follow the steps below:

1)     Fill out the SDK request form with your contact information so that we have a way to contact you.

2)     Fill out a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Follow the instructions on the document for submitting the completed agreement.

3)     You will be contacted to discuss which SDK you are interested in.

4)     Information on how to access to the SDK will be provided via email.

5)     Download the SDK and get started!

Wacom provides support for developers utilizing our signature SDKs.