Electronic Signature

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Product Families

Choosing the right Wacom product for your needs is made easier once the families of product choices are explained.

Pen Display Family for eSignature

DTU Family
The DTU series of interactive pen displays are excellent choices for filling out electronic forms, viewing entire digital documents, navigating through electronic forms software and signing your name electronically. You use the pen directly on the screen just as you would use a pen on paper.

Signature Tablets and Signature Software for eSignature

STU-300 front STU-500 STU-520 front
The STU series of LCD signature tablets are specifically designed to guide you through the signature process and capture your handwritten electronic signature in a natural way.  Click here to learn more about signature software that works great with Wacom signature tablets. Sign & Save solutions are Wacom STU signature tablets bundled with Wacom Sign | Pro PDF software.  Software Developer Kits are available for you to modify your software application to interact directly with Wacom signature tablets.