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Streamline the workflow for agents and adjusters alike using Wacom signature tablets. To integrate eSignatures into large corporate systems, Wacom can help you identify the right software partner or provide you with the developer resources you need.


Benefits of an eSignature system

  • Streamline the documentation process of applying for insurance policies, updating coverages, and claims processing by integrating a Wacom signature tablet and electronic signature software capability.
  • Save days of processing time compared to paper forms by capturing electronic signatures in the office or in the field using Wacom signature tablets that are small enough to travel in a laptop bag
  • Save costs related to paper processing, scanning, archiving, storing, and transporting by implementing a paperless document process including electronic signatures
  • Electronic documents, such as policies can be retrieved, updated, and signed electronically creating a secure and binding agreement faster and easier than the traditional paper process
  • Improve security of personal information and compliance with privacy policies as electronic contracts bound with electronic signatures cannot be stolen or misfiled and they are tamper evident.
  • Minimize inhouse software development time and resources to add electronic signature capture capability to proprietary insurance system software by using Wacom’s signature software developers kit.

Use Cases

eSignatureAgents share policy information with the customer on their computer screen and guide the customer through the approval or claims process.  Whenever a customer signature is required for amendments or requested changes to coverage, the signature box is displayed on Wacom signature tablet or pen display and the customer uses the pen to sign their name directly on the screen as they would on paper.


eSignatureClaims Adjusters in the field meet with customers onsite to evaluate damage and investigate the claim. When signatures are required for disbursement of funds or settlements are made, a Wacom signature tablet connected to a laptop computer is an excellent solution to save precious time that would normally be lost due to paper processing.


HealthcareHealthcare providers and pharmacies save processing time to provide better serve their customers by providing electronic signature capture solutions that interface directly into their insurance provider networks. Epic Imaging in Portland Oregon utilizes Wacom interactive pen displays for patient registration and Wacom signature tablets for authorizing insurance claims onsite.  MedInformatix provides the electronic medical record software that supports Wacom signature tablets and interfaces with the insurance claims centers.


Recommended Wacom products for Insurance

STU-500 STU-500
Well suited for use in insurance offices due to its generous screen area for capturing the longest signature as well as to display important text information and soft keys to click with the pen for scrolling or to the next page. The LCD screen is transreflective so it displays a high contrast image in varying ambient lighting conditions such as an agent’s office with ample windows and natural light.


STU-300 STU-300
An excellent choice for capturing signatures while using a laptop in the field. With a single USB cable connected to the PC, the compact form factor of this 4” x 1” black and white LCD signature tablet makes for travel in a laptop bag or briefcase easy.


DTU-1631 DTU-1631
A 16” widescreen interactive pen display that is ideal for displaying entire pages of electronic documents, such as homeowners policies and applications, and the pen can be used anywhere on the screen to fill in electronic forms and sign the document electronically as if it were paper.  This pen display can be used in landscape or portrait orientation with the included adjustable stand or it can be mounted securely on an LCD arm and attached to the counter.


DTU-1031 DTU-1031
The DTU-1031 combines a 10.1” widescreen LCD and Wacom’s patented, cordless, battery-free pen technology into an ultra-thin form factor.

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