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Tailor a solution that fits your needs by combining a Wacom signature tablet or pen display with industry leading eSignature software. Software developer kits are also available from Wacom to assist you with customized solutions.


Benefits of an Electronic Signature System

  • Improve the speed of customer transactions and access to sensitive financial information though the use of electronic signatures
  • Authentication can be carried out quickly and securely utilizing eSignatures
  • Simplify the account opening process for customers by using eSignatures
  • Significantly reduce the risk of fraud by implementing a verification system of electronic signatures using the biometric signature data that every Wacom signature tablet captures
  • Reinforce the brand reputation of the bank as a digital innovator and an organization who is genuinely interested in protecting the customer against fraud
  • Presenting the customer with a high quality and extremely durable signature tablet reinforces the bank’s commitment to providing excellent customer service and appreciation of the customer’s trust

Use Cases


eSignatureOnce a signature software application has been customized and integrated into the bank’s internal system software or the bank software itself has been modified to capture electronic signatures directly by using Wacom’s signature SDK, the user experience is quite simple.  Information is presented to the customer on the computer screen that describes the purpose of the document, reason for signing, and any relevant personal information.  When it is time to capture the electronic signature, a signature box is displayed on the Wacom signature tablet or interactive pen display and the customer signs their name on the screen using Wacom’s electronic pen, as if they would on paper.  Using the pen to click an OK or cancel button on the screen determines the next step in the signature process.  It’s that simple.  The electronic signature data is captured by the software including timestamp data, reason for signing, as well as all of the embedded biometric signature data including velocity, angle, change of direction and pressure sensitivity, all of which, when analyzed at a later date are capable of positively identifying an authentic signature apart from a forgery.


eSignatureBanks such as the Berlin Sparkasse or Spanish Savings Banks (CECA) successfully use electronic handwritten signatures for many of their processes.



Recommended Wacom products

STU-500 in-useSTU-500
Well suited for use in a customer facing banking environment due to its generous screen area for capturing the longest signature as well as to display important text information and soft keys for scrolling or to advance to the next page. The LCD screen is transreflective so it displays a high contrast image in varying ambient lighting conditions such as a bank branch with ample windows and natural light.


STU-520 front STU-520
An excellent choice for retail banks due to its high resolution color LCD screen which can be programmed to display the bank’s logo in full color or advertise new investment products or featured interest rates while the signature tablet is idle.


A good choice where desk or counter space is limited due to its compact footprint.  The 4” x 1” black and white LCD screen is simple to use for capturing basic electronic signatures.


The DTU-1631 combines a 15.6", 16:9 widescreen LCD with Wacom's patented, cordless, battery-free pen technology.


The DTU-1031 combines a 10.1” widescreen LCD and Wacom’s patented, cordless, battery-free pen technology into an ultra-thin form factor.


Recommended Software for Banking and Finance

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