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Streamline the registration process for patients and clients to complete electronic consent forms and sign-in with Wacom signature tablets or interactive pen displays


Benefits of an Electronic Admissions and Registration System 

  • Increase patient satisfaction by creating fast, paperless processes at the point of registration and point of care
  • Eliminate costs of paper forms such as financial costs, lost productivity, and environmental costs
  • Simplify registration process by consolidating electronic forms that require a single signature
  • Improve information availability by merging signed forms into electronic health records
  • Improve your ability to comply with new FTC privacy regulations
  • Eliminate document loss
  • Ensure data integrity and collect advanced biometric data for future verification requirements


Use Cases

eSignature A medium-sized radiology clinic reduced their patient registration costs by 72% with the introduction of Wacom pen displays to their radiology information system (RIS). These costs included the administrative personnel cost plus the equipment and processing costs of paper that were eliminated.  Most importantly, patient satisfaction was improved by lowering the waiting time for patient from 20 minutes to 5 minutes.
eSignature A large hospital improved their patient registration process, eliminated paper costs, and maintained a high level of patient satisfaction when using Wacom pen displays.  Even patients unfamiliar with digital technology readily accepted the idea of signing documents directly on the screen, because it is a natural, familiar, and easily understandable process.


Recommended Wacom products

The DTU-1031 combines a 10.1” widescreen LCD and Wacom’s patented, cordless, battery-free pen technology into an ultra-thin form factor.


The DTU-1631 combines a 15.6", 16:9 widescreen LCD with Wacom's patented, cordless, battery-free pen technology.


STU-500 angleSTU-500
Well suited for use in a patient registration environment due to its generous screen area for capturing the longest signature as well as to display important text information and soft keys for scrolling or to go to the next page. The LCD screen is transreflective so it displays a high contrast image in varying ambient lighting conditions such as a hospital with ample windows and natural light.


STU-520 angleSTU-520
An excellent choice for registration desks due to its high resolution color LCD screen which can be programmed to display important text and colorful soft keys that are easy to read. 


Recommended Software for Electronic Admissions and Registration

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