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Software verified by Wacom to help you get the most from working with a Wacom pen for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.

Architecture Software

Autodesk Building Design Suite combines Building Information Modeling (BIM) with CAD and sketching tools to support the entire Design/Build/Manage workflow in Architecture.  Wacom interactive pen displays enhance all aspects of your workflow because you can leverage the power of Autodesk software with the natural and traditional experience of working with a pen in your hand.  Conceptualize and work through initial designs by sketching using a Wacom pen and Sketchbook Designer.  Distill your selected sketch elements into a precise architectural model using AutoCAD or Revit.  And develop visualizations and renderings using products like NavisworksInfrastructure Modeler or 3ds Max Design.  Throughout the entire project lifecycle your workflow is comfortable, fast, and accurate as you sketch, draft, and navigate through the Autodesk software using Wacom’s precision and comfort.


Photoshop – is the world’s leading graphics and image editing software application. Architects find the powerful image editing features particularly useful when creating and finishing renderings. The lighting effects and color enhancements that can be applied with Wacom’s pen tablets and pen displays allows the architect to effectively “paint with light”. Photoshop is central to the Creative Suite of Adobe products as its user interface and its compatibility with Adobe Illustrator speeds the architectural workflow from concept to client acceptance and beyond.

Illustrator – is the industry leading vector graphics application which has become a standard tool for architects. With fully integrated support of Wacom’s advanced pen input, such as pressure sensitivity and pen tilt sensitivity, architects have unsurpassed control over their creative process. The custom brushes feature of Illustrator allows architects to create and share specialized brush techniques to replicate intricate structures such as roofing, siding, hardscapes, and landscape features.



Plan Review Software

Bluebeam Revu is a powerful software that supports PDF creation, markup, and editing along with direct plug-ins for multiple AEC software products from Autodesk (AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks).  Using Revu with a Wacom pen display improves the collaboration between project teams and allows you to markup and measure your pdf’s by working with a pen directly on your digital plans.  Your workflow is virtually identical to marking up paper maps and plans with a pen, but the workflow is fully digital and markups are tracked and managed by Revu.


Autodesk Design Review provides an easy way for teams to view, markup, track changes and print Autodesk-based designs without needing to install the original design software.  When you use Design Review in conjunction with Wacom’s interactive pen displays you combine the advantages of a digital workflow and change tracking with the simplicity of marking up your plans using a pen.  Redline, comment and annotate onto your digital plans using Wacom’s natural pen-on-screen input and improve collaboration on your project teams in order to maintain speed, accuracy and cost-savings.



Bentley Navigator is used by AEC professionals to review and analyze project information and improve collaboration during the design/build lifecycle.  Navigator supports 2D and 3D pdf creation, annotation, redlining and comments in order to help you finish your projects with timely communication across your project team.  When your project team uses Wacom pen displays and Navigator, you retain the powerful digital file management and deliver markups, comments and redlines by working directly on the surface of an LCD just like marking up paper.


Adobe Acrobat Pro contains drawing markup tools that allow you to mark-up and annotate directly on PDF plans and maps. The pencil tools lets you add handwritten comments, diagrams or sketches to capture key points of a planning session or to add impromptu information for further review.


Construction Estimating Software

OnCenter revolutionized the construction estimating industry when they became the first developer to integrate their digital takeoff solution with Wacom’s interactive pen displays.  OnCenter and Wacom have been integrated technologies since 2009, and contractors in The Americas, Europe, and Australia have benefitted from the speed and accuracy provided by completing takeoffs using Wacom pen displays.  Using OnCenter’s On-Screen TakeOff software on a Wacom pen display is fast and intuitive.  The estimator completes the takeoff by tracing the boundaries of a digital blueprint and the software measures and calculates your project costs.  Wacom makes the workflow as simple as drawing on paper and OnCenter provides accurate and cost-effective estimates from your tracings.


Maxwell Systems has integrated their ProContractorMX digital takeoff solution with Wacom interactive pen displays.  The integrated solution allows the estimator to complete takeoffs faster and more accurately than ever before.  The workflow is as easy as tracing your line work or areas with Wacom’s pen directly on the surface of its LCD display in order to generate precise estimates in linear feet or square feet.  Working on the LCD surface with a digital plan mimics the experience of working with a pen on paper but gives you the speed and precision of a fully digital workflow to generate fast and accurate bids.


Planswift has integrated their on-screen takeoff software with Wacom interactive pen displays to the benefit of Planswift users by using the Wacom pen display with Planswift estimators can develop accurate estimates and win more bids faster than ever before.  Wacom’s interactive pen displays work seamlessly with Planswift’s On Screen Digitizer tools so that you simply trace the areas and lines directly from your digital plan files.  While you work with the simplicity of pen on paper, Planswift’s digital workflow quickly and accurately estimates the time and materials required for your project.


Insite has revolutionized the digital takeoff solution for grading and excavation projects with their SiteWork software solution.  Contractors can complete excavation takeoffs quickly and accurately by integrating SiteWork with a Wacom interactive pen display.  The integration of Wacom and Insite is particularly powerful when utilized with a dual-monitor environment.  With this feature you can keep one display zoomed out to the site project area and zoom in tight on the Wacom interactive pen display to digitize your contours and cut-fill site work.  Insite generates accurate analysis and estimates while you work with the simplicity of writing with a pen directly on the surface of the Wacom display.