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Finding the right pieces to support your learning environment can be challenging. If you are looking for additional applications or supporting hardware, here are some ideas to consider.






Wacom’s pen display and tablet products work with any whiteboard or presentation software. Here are some that feature a variety of pen, marker and other tools that take advantage of Wacom’s pen input.


Open-Sankoré (Sankore)

Open-Sankoré is a multiplatform, open-source program that is available for free. It has a whiteboarding environment that allows you to open prepared content or create and add content spontaneously. Open-Sankoré also provides tools for desktop annotation that allow you to reference and mark up content and applications outside of the whiteboarding environment.


Wizteach (Qwizdom)

WizTeach is interactive teaching software designed for use with any interactive whiteboard. Its tools are designed to enhance teaching and learning outcomes across multiple subject areas. The innovative toolbar design lets you open as many or as few of the tools as you like. And WizTeach offers versatility because its toolset can be used over any application.

WizTeach works on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.


Easiteach  (RM)

Easiteach is a complete whole-class teaching and learning application that puts you in the driving seat for creating and delivering engaging lessons and resources. It can be used in two different modes. The primary mode is a whiteboarding mode. The other – known as Glass Mode - provides an annotation layer over any application. Easiteach has been designed to be extremely flexible and can be used across different manufacturer’s hardware.

Easiteach provides a host of powerful tools and features that help you create and deliver engaging lesson plans. Glass mode gives you the ability to annotate over applications even when outside of Easiteach’s primary whiteboarding environment. Easiteach supports both Windows and Mac.


PDF Revu (Bluebeam)

PDF Revu is an extremely powerful application for PDF creation, markup and editing. With its effective toolset, it can be used as a platform for presentations. Create materials in advance or start with a blank slate. Insert new pages to existing documents as needed. Pen and marker tools let you add information, notes, and sketches to your material. The application also offers a host of drawing, shape and editing tools. PDF Revu also gives you great flexibility on how to configure your toolbars – to make them as simple or complex as you would like.

PDF Revu supports full screen mode which allows you to present your document like a slideshow. In that mode you still have access to pen and marker tools.


PowerPoint  (Microsoft)

PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation application. PowerPoint includes pen and marker tools that can be used in slide-show mode to add content, annotate or highlight key points. If you are using PowerPoint with windows, you can save all your annotations and markings as part of the file. If PowerPoint 2007 or a later version is used on Windows Vista or later, PowerPoint also gives you access to pen tools in slide-creation mode – which means that you can add hand-created content when creating slides.


PDF Annotator (Grahl)

While PDF Annotator is geared more toward document review, mark-up and commenting, it can serve as an effective presentation tool. Documents created in any application can be converted to PDF, then opened in PDF Annotator. The application offers a host of pen, marker and drawing tools to allow you to enhance your material or create new information. The pen and market tools support the pen pressure information that Wacom’s pens provide. If you need to add to your prepared content, new pages can be inserted into the document. When you exit a document, you can save your annotations.

PDF Annotator also has a full-screen mode which displays your content like a slide show. While in full-screen mode, you still have access to your annotation, mark up, and edit tools.


Ink2Go (EyePower Games)

Ink2Go is screen annotation and recording software. You can easily write on top of any other application that is currently active on the desktop, even a video window – Ink2Go acts like a virtual transparent overlay. Your annotations can be saved as an image file, or you can record your session as a video. Ink2Go features pen and marker tools, with selectable colors and widths, to help you communicate and share your ideas. For both PC and Mac.



Screen Capture and Content Hosting

Screen capture is a valuable tool in today’s classroom. Capturing all of your notes, annotations and drawings as part of the presentation helps recreate the live, face-to-face interactions. And once your presentation has been captured, it can be posted for students to access and view. For flipped classrooms, screen capture is a key component to creating content for students to view and study outside of the classroom. For more traditional classrooms, lectures can be captured and archived for students to access at a later time to aid in their studies.


Camtasia Relay (TechSmith)

Camtasia Relay provides an easy way to record lectures and presentations and publish them for students to view at a later time. Class sessions can be saved for students' review to solidify their understanding, or to catch up if they missed a class. Camtasia Relay’s screen recording makes all of the technical decisions at a central server, making publishing of recordings simple.


Camtasia Studio/Camtasia for Mac  (TechSmith)

Camtasia is an easy-to-use, powerful tool for recording lectures and presentations and turning them into videos for students to watch as a study aid. Capture anything on your screen – all the real-time elements needed for effective communication and knowledge transfer. Camtasia has enhanced editing tools to let you polish your video before publishing.


Snagit (TechSmith)

One of Snagit’s many features is to do screen captures. Once you create screen videos, you can share them instantly to YouTube, Facebook, and elsewhere. Snagit also features a host of tools to help you communicate visually.


Ink2Go (EyePower Games)

The Ink2Go screen annotation application includes a screen record function, allowing you to turn your annotations into video to share with others.



Open-Sankoré provides a screen-record function to complement its whiteboard and annotation capabilities. Save your work as a video and share it with students at a later time.


Eduvision  (JDL Horizons)

EduVision from JDL Horizons is a full-featured video streaming platform and Internet broadcast television service that allows you to upload and run your video on your website. Schools can use it to control and host their own video content, including teacher- and student-created presentations and lesson plans.



Lecture Capture

Vision (DyKnow)

DyKnow’s Vision lets educators present, share, and record and archive content. In addition to notes and annotations made by the teacher, students can add (and save) their own personalized notes directly onto the lesson plan content. At the end of each class students leave with the teacher’s notes and their notes in a personalized notebook which can be replayed anytime, anywhere. In addition, Vision includes a variety of collaborative tools to encourage student interaction.


Campus  (Tegrity)

Tegrity Campus is a fully automated lecture capture solution used in traditional, hybrid and online courses to record lectures as well as supplementary course content. Its personalized learning features make study time incredibly efficient and its ability to affordably scale brings this benefit to every student on campus.


Mediasite  (Sonic Foundry)

Sonic Foundry created Mediasite as a purpose-built, appliance-based platform for lecture capture. It features an automated workflow to record, deliver, manage, search and track video-based instruction.

The Mediasite Recorder automatically turns itself on and sends whatever instructors present – on a laptop, tablet, whiteboard, document camera, visualizer – to the Mediasite Server, where it is streamed live and archived for immediate playback on demand. It integrates with your existing classroom and campus systems to make it easy to take courses online.


EchoSystem  (Echo 360)

EchoSystem automatically creates, produces, manages and shares instructional content for student review anytime, anywhere. The EchoSystem is friction-free for institutions, reliable enough to take on the largest deployments in the world, but agile enough to painlessly record and produce instructional media everywhere teaching occurs.  



Distance Learning/Collaboration

Collaborate (Blackboard)

Blackboard Collaborate’s web conferencing creates a rich environment for remote learners. Its capabilities include two-way audio, multi-point video, interactive whiteboard, application and desktop sharing, rich media, breakout rooms, and session recording. Collaborate also integrates with many of the leading learning management systems.


Connect (Adobe)

Adobe® Connect™ for eLearning provides the ability to teach and communicate to a dispersed audience. With Connect, you can create and deliver virtual classes and on-demand courses, share animated presentations, video, audio and images, or use the integrated whiteboard tools to enliven classroom discussions. You can also integrate content created in Adobe Presenter or Captivate to increase the interactivity of your lessons.


WebEx (Cisco)

WebEx web conferencing lets you connect with anyone, anywhere, in real time. WebEx combines desktop sharing through a browser with phone conferencing and video, so everyone sees the same thing while you talk. Utilize the built-in annotation and whiteboard features to enhance collaboration and information sharing.


GoToMeeting (Citrix)

Citrix’s suite of products (including GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar) provide unified conferencing for presentation, collaboration, training and teaching. All products in the family support desktop and application sharing and have drawing tools that can be used within their interface.


Skype (Microsoft)

Skype supports screen sharing via Skype Premium. Combined with a whiteboarding or desktop annotation application, hosts can deliver a lesson plan and interactively mark up, annotate, or incorporate input from others.


Telepresence Systems

Telepresence systems can support the integration of peripherals that can aid in collaboration and communication of ideas – like Wacom’s pen displays and tablets. Here is a sampling of companies with telepresence solutions.

  • Cisco
  • Polycom
  • Vidyo
  • Radvision
  • Vue
  • Teleris



Classroom Management

Monitor (DyKnow)

Supervise, guide and interact with students on their computers or encourage collaboration with this user-friendly classroom management software.




Mounting/Installation Options

As an alternative to placing Wacom’s pen displays directly on a desk or countertop, you can consider alternate ways to install them. Whether you have limited desk space, want to position your display in a new location, are looking to provide greater accessibility to users of all ages and sizes, or want greater mobility, there are options for you.



Ergotron’s mounting arms and cart products provide educators with a variety of solutions to optimize the classroom and conveniently incorporate Wacom products into the teaching solution. Their arms provide the ability to position the display so that it is comfortable for each individual user, and their education carts provide mobility.



ILS is a manufacturer of innovative lecterns well-suited for classrooms and lecture halls. Wacom’s pen displays can be mounted on several of their models – giving you pen-input interactivity right where you are. The lecterns are motorized and height-adjustable.


Innovative Office Products

Innovative offers a broad selection of mounting arms that can be used with Wacom’s family of pen display products. They provide flexibility for users and optimize the use of space, especially when it is limited.



Visualizers/Document Cameras

Visualizers or document cameras are a useful part of interactive lessons. A teacher, lecturer or presenter can incorporate a three-dimensional, physical object into their presentation and do so spontaneously. When combined with annotation software and a Wacom pen display or tablet, you can draw the audience’s attention to key points and communicate more effectively. Today’s visualizers are extremely easy to use and offer a host of features.

Here are some of the top companies offering visualizers:

  • Avermedia
  • Elmo
  • Epson
  • Kenavision
  • Lumens
  • Samsung Techwin
  • Wolfvision


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